As the regulator for the INNSA Code the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) has travelled a steep learning curve about the invasives industry. Having said that, when it comes to protecting consumers and businesses through codes of practice the principles hold good across all industries, and the PCCB has great experience in regulating Codes of Practice.

The Code is designed to ensure there is transparency for customers about the terms of business and fees to be charged, that consistently good levels of service are delivered and that complaints are handled professionally and efficiently. in addition the Code sets out clearly the protection that customers must be afforded through the provision of insurance.

The PCCB is very experienced in ensuring that all these important features of the Code will be delivered by subscribers through implementing robust application and annual renewal processes as well as an inspection programme.

The PCCB has concluded a new service level agreement with The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPO) for the provision of a redress mechanism, that is compliant with the European Union Alternative Dispute Resolution regulations to ensure that INNSA customers can have peace of mind the very unlikely event that seeming goes wrong.

The INNS Code and PCCB regulation provide a unique level of protection in the invasive species remediation industry.