Membership Accreditation Criteria

Members of INNSA hold a range of relevant accreditations, licences and certificates as well as invest in appropriate training for the staff to ensure they all deliver the best services to their clients. They must also sign up to the Invasives Code of Practice. To be awarded Accredited Membership company must be able to demonstrate the following:



Accredited Dual Membership – Contractor and Consultants must have:

Accredited Consultant Member must have:

Associate Membership

Companies may be awarded Associate Membership on any of the above Membership bands if they don’t meet ALL the membership criteria but are committed to meeting these requirement within a specific time period. This includes:


INNSA will work with all Associate members to assist in sourcing appropriate support and training in order to achieve full accreditation within the agreed time frame.

If you think your company may qualify for Associate membership and would like to discuss this prior to applying for membership email us on [email protected] or call our team on 0161 723 2000

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