The INNSA Conference is being held on Thursday 30th March 2017 at The Riverside Centre, Pride Park, Derby and a variety of industry speakers will be there with updates on the latest issues relating to invasive species.

INNSA will also be launching its new Professional Code of Practice for Japanese Knotweed to replace the Environment Agency CoP which was withdrawn last year.

Come and hear from industry and property experts who will address the following questions:

How serious are the problems that invasive species pose and how do you identify them?

What are the legal issues in respect of invasive weeds – particularly Japanese Knotweed?

How are Local Authorities approaching the problem of invasives?

What do invasive weed infestations mean in respect of property values?

How has the remediation industry reacted to the challenges?

What is the real position in respect of chemical treatment (particularly glyphosates) and how they are used?

What protection is available for property owners hiring contractors to clear their sites?

Speakers included so far are Kate Faulkner of Designs of Property and the PCCB, John Moverley from the Amenity Forum, Richard Stow from Lloyds Bank and Paul Denny from Insure Risk who will present on the new INNSA 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee and the peace of mind that comes with this.

With plenty of time allocated to ask questions of the experts and speak to them one on one in refreshment and lunch breaks, the INNSA Conference represents a unique opportunity to increase knowledge and expertise on this ever more important subject.

To book your place, please complete and return the attached booking form to [email protected] or phone 0800 1300 485 if you have any questions.

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