Industry leading protection for clients of INNSA members. The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA) has announced the introduction of a new 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) scheme for use by its members who all subscribe to the Invasives Code.

The policy is available from day one of a remediation contract and takes effect for 10 years as soon as the treatment programme has been completed and signed off. It is available for both residential and commercial properties and is considered to be industry-leading in the protection that it provides for the customers of INNSA members. The policy has been arranged via Insure Risk Ltd (the scheme insurance broker) with a rated Insurer who specialise in this cover.

James Sherwood-Rogers, Chairman of INNSA said ‘I am delighted that INNSA has been able to introduce this new insurance policy through Insure Risk who recognise that INNSA members operate to the highest standards in the industry. The new policy will provide peace of mind for the customers of all INNSA members that they are fully protected against any re-growth of invasive plants after a treatment programme has been completed. It should also provide peace of mind to property professionals such as surveyors and property lawyers who introduce Invasives Code subscribers to their clients and banks and mortgage lenders who may be lending on properties that have been infested.’

Paul Denny from Insure Risk commented ‘We have fully researched the risks associated with providing a 10 year insurance product for Invasives Code subscribers and have been able to satisfy our insurers that INNSA members operate to the very highest standards in the invasives remediation industry. We take comfort from the fact that the Invasives Code is regulated by the completely independent Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) and that all INNSA members have to be registered with the Amenity Assured Scheme. We are very pleased that we have been able to arrange this policy for INNSA and its members.’