NEW!! Environment Agency Updated Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice

The Environment Agency’s Code of Practice: ‘Managing Japanese Knotweed on Development Sites’ has been the go-to reference for the treatment of Japanese knotweed since its publication in 2006. It has twice been updated, and the latest version was released in July of 2013.

The Code of Practice was written by Trevor Renals, Senior Technical Advisor on Invasive Species at the Environment Agency. It references works including the ‘Japanese Knotweed Manual’, by Max Wade and Lois Child.

The Code of Practice covers the most prevalent methods of Japanese knotweed treatment – highlighting the risks and best practices involved and setting practical minimum standards for the implementation of works.

The Code of Practice also provides guidance on the identification of Japanese knotweed, producing Japanese knotweed Management Plans and advice on the legal responsibilities of contractors and landowners as regards Japanese knotweed.

As a homeowner or contractor, although the EA CoP is a great reference document, you should always consult a qualified professional before attempting to control Japanese knotweed yourself.

INNSA members follow the EA Code of Practice as well as INNSA’s own minimum standards to ensure that our clients receive the highest standard of treatment available.

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