It’s been a while since we have provided an update to members, but an awful lot of activity has been going on behind the scenes to enhance and strengthen INNSA as an organisation. I was appointed Chairman of INNSA on 19th June 2019 by the board for a 12 month period.

I took over from previous INNSA Chairman, Conor Leyden, who did a fantastic job over the last twelve months or so in consolidating INNSA’s governance and finances, overseeing the logistical challenge of moving away from our previous provider of secretariat services and our old website, and provided a steady hand through all the changes which came along with this.

Conor also effectively managed the transition from the previous PCCB-led auditing process to the current in-house system – which remains robust but is in practice, much less intrusive for members, cuts red tape and is more transparent for clients who use INNSA members. The standards outlined in what was previously the Invasives Code remain in place, but this has now been renamed the INNSA Code of Conduct.

During the last twelve months we’re very pleased to welcome on board new members in all categories, and we are pleased with each addition to our membership, which includes both newer and highly experienced operators who share INNSA’s vision of the best quality service in the invasive species industry.

All of this has had the effect of managing INNSA’s expansion while transforming the organisation into a much more streamlined, stable and agile organisation. This provides a strong base on which to build and I am pleased to have the chance to take INNSA forward over the coming months.

My vision is to strengthen the INNSA brand and ensure value for members along with reassurance and confidence for customers across all sectors.

My focus is going to be more on reaching out to our existing membership, addressing their concerns, supporting them where we can and providing a forum for sharing experience and expertise in times where we may see significant changes in the industry.

I particularly want to target raising the INNSA profile across all sectors and to make sure that INNSA members are recognised for their professionalism and expertise with in the sector.

I welcome feedback from members on how you would like your organisation to progress and how best to represent you moving forward. Feel free to contact me via e-mail, phone or in person.

Lastly, we will be holding an INNSA meeting for all members on the afternoon of Thursday 5th December 2019 in Manchester for members to have an opportunity to discuss your organisation and how we move forward into 2021. We will have representatives from the Environment Agency attending seeking feedback from members on the government consultation. After the meeting we intend have informal drinks and a chance to network. Additional details will follow over the next few weeks but please keep the date free.

David Layland
INNSA Chairman