Much of my working life at Japanese Knotweed Solutions has been dedicated to following the Code of Practice for the Management and Eradication of Japanese Knotweed – as written by Mr Trevor Renals of the Environment Agency.

This document has been the ‘bible’ to the eradication industry and much of the good work done in managing this problem is down to the efforts made by Trevor in producing such a valid document.

However, time has moved on and much of what was written has been superseded by changes in technology and the chemicals now available to the industry.

The Invasive Non-native Specialists Association (INNSA) are therefore honoured to have been asked by Trevor Renals to produce a new updated Code of Practice for the industry.

The Department of Food and Agricultural Sciences (DEFRA) have already asked for comment from INNSA on how the rules and regulations relating to waste management should be enforced within the invasive non-native species industry. INNSA asked for more robust guidelines to ensure that anyone working with his type of waste should be regulated and monitored to ensure that strict codes were adhered to.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants strict legislation.

Many new companies do not have the skill set to deal properly with invasive species and certainly do not have the required qualifications and experience to deal with the waste materials produced as a side product of excavations and burial procedures. It is critical for the environment that we do not lower standards and do not allow less than excellent work to be approved. Strict guidelines and strict policing are the only way to keep close tabs on where waste is being tipped and how hazardous materials are controlled.

INNSA recognises these issues and it with these thoughts in mind that the new Code of Practice shall be delivered.

Do not expect a re-working of the original code with another name simply replacing that of the Environment Agency.

INNSA are re-looking at the code from the ground upwards (or maybe that should be the ground downwards!)

Mike C