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Monsanto is acknowledged as a unique agricultural company, with its blend of agricultural seeds, traits, and chemicals - such as the herbicide Roundup - providing integrated solutions to farmers around the world. As a leading world-wide provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products which improve farm productivity and food quality, the company employs some 22,000 people globally. Monsanto UK Ltd uses conventional breeding to develop new varieties of Oilseed rape and markets Oilseed rape seeds for UK agriculture under the Dekalb brand. Monsanto UK Ltd markets a range of Monsanto crop protection products principally Roundup brand herbicide (see Roundup amenity brands like Roundup ProBiactive 450, Roundup ProBio and Roundup ProVantage are widely used to combat Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species and are especially valued for use in aquatic and environmentally senstive situations.


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Company: Monsanto UK Ltd

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