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We are providing legal service for the real world. Our vision is to take a practical, all-round view whether we are assisting you with your business or your personal needs; and whether we are helping you to maximise your success or putting your mind at rest over a complex personal situation. We are determined to earn your confidence – we want you to know that you can deal with us confidently and look on us as a trusted professional partner who is on your side and by your side when you need us. We understand that price is often a key consideration and delivering added value to your business a huge advantage. Through our cost-efficient services you can choose from different price plans, including fixed price plans that will enable you to plan from the start. Our approach to working with you is open and honest. We believe this is refreshingly different. Why not choose Freeths for your legal requirements and experience our highly effective service for yourself.

Company information:

Company: Freeths

Company Type: INNSA Affiliate Partner

Address: 1st Floor, New York Street, Manchester, M1 4JB


Tel: 0845 634 1739

Position: Member- Litigation





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